Pure Soap

Bao-Med® Pure Soap contains baobab oil from South-Africa. The properties from the baobab oil make the Bao-Med® Pure Soap a cleansing, moisturizing and pure soap.

Baobab oil

The baobab oil that is used to produce our Pure Soap is pure certified organic oil, cold pressed and unrefined. The baobab oil is a superb skin moisturiser and deeply nourishes the skin, repairing dry skin conditions.

Fig Tree fragrance

The unique scent from the Bao-Med® products comes from the fragrance made out of figs. The figs are harvested and then processed into a fragrance. This fragrance is then added to our Pure Soap to get that unique Bao-Med® scent.


Use the Bao-Med® Pure Soap while taking a shower or a bath to rinse your skin.

Rub the Bao-Med® Pure Soap between your hands and use the lather to cleanse your body. After the washing rinse the soap off your body with some water.


  • Leaves skin feeling refreshingly hydrated
  • Bao-Med’s balance of freshness and care
  • Cleanses and moisturizes without dryness or tightness


Omega 3, 6 and 9
Excellent skin penetration



Superior moisturizer
Improves condition of the skin

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